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New Mexico State University Commitment Statement

The membership of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has adopted rules and regulations that govern participation in NCAA intercollegiate athletics.  The NCAA members are obligated to participation in NCAA intercollegiate athletics.  The NCAA members are obligated to apply and enforce the legislation set forth by the Association.

New Mexico State University (NMSU) accepts its responsibility for the conduct of its program, including responsibility for the actions of its staff members and for the actions of any individual or organization engaged in the activities promoting the athletics interests of the institution.  The university is committed to meeting the spirit as well as the mandates of the requirements of the membership.

New Mexico State University Compliance

NMSU is committed to compliance with NCAA rules and regulations, to institutional control for the conduct of its athletics program, and to monitor and guide all individuals and organizations that promote the athletics interests of the university.  Compliance with governing legislation is the responsibility of the entire department of athletics.

The Associate Athletics Director for Compliance and Eligibility coordinates the administration of all NCAA, Western Athletic Conference (WAC) and NMSU rules and regulations.  The compliance office, along with the university president, the director of athletics, the faculty athletics representative, and the senior women administrator are the only individuals authorized to make telephone calls to the NCAA and WAC for interpretation or clarification of these rules.  Coaches or other administrators who support the compliance activities should refer compliance questions and concerns to the compliance office.

The university is required to monitor its athletics program to assure compliance.  It is obligated to identify and report NCAA instances in which compliance has not been achieved.  An institution found to have violated NCAA rules is subject to disciplinary and corrective actions as determined by the association.

Any individual engaging in conduct that is determined to be a violation of NCAA legislation can lose the benefits they receive from their association with NMSU.  A department of athletics employee found in deliberate or serious violation of the NCAA or conference rules and regulations may be suspend without pay or be terminated.

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